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Huron Heights Public School
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Dear Family,

Welcome Everyone! Bienvenue! We are off to a busy but successful start at Huron Heights Public School! I hope that all of you had an enjoyable summer and had the gift of time to enjoy both familiar and new activities and scenery. I hope that these are now treasured summer memories. It is time to renew our partnership – a partnership based on trust, respect and cooperation to help our students be the best that they can be. Partnership, with parents, enriches both the learning experience of students and, by extension, the teaching experience of educators. Partnership with our community, which has both human and material resources, also enhances our school. Hopefully, our partnership will result in our students knowing to which port they are sailing, and in finding the favourable winds to do so at Huron Heights Public School.

As a partnership, we are a unique group. We are joined in a multi-year learning stretch as we work together with our students to learn, grow and meet their many changes, opportunities and challenges with a smile and a positive attitude. Together we can harness our strengths and help our students develop critical competencies and grow through their experiences. I have included the following quote for you to ponder:

“One hundred years from now it will not matter what kind of car I drove; what kind of house I lived in; how much I had in my bank, nor what my clothes looked like… But the world may be a little better because I was important in the life of a child.”   -Margaret Fishback Powers

At Huron Heights, our priorities put “what’s best for children” first and foremost in our minds. We look forward to working and learning with you this year. Together what a team we make!

Go, Lightning Hawks Go!

Mary Martha Uttley-Shaw
Interim Principal, Huron Heights P.S.

Special Note: Huron Heights is such a positive and welcoming school! I thoroughly enjoyed my first day back at Huron Heights on March 30, 2016, visiting all the classes to introduce myself and meet the students and staff. I met many new people and got re-acquainted with many too! I will be filling in for Mrs. Liz MacPherson for an indeterminate amount of time while she is on medical leave.

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