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Huron Heights Public School
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Dear Family,

Huron Heights is such a positive and welcoming school! I thoroughly enjoyed my first day back at Huron Heights on March 30, 2016, visiting all the classes to introduce myself and meet the students and staff. I met many new people and got re-acquainted with many too! I will be filling in for Mrs. Liz MacPherson for an indeterminate amount of time while she is on medical leave.

Students always brighten our days! They are precious gifts and what a privilege it is for our school community to work and learn with them every day! I thought that I would share the words from a framed picture that I enjoy reading and pondering each day. Our students truly are:

Amazing, acknowledge them.
Believable, trust them.
Childlike, allow them.
Divine, honour them.
Energetic, nourish them.
Fallible, embrace them.
Gifts, treasure them.
Here now, be with them.
Innocent, delight with them.
Joyful, appreciate them.
Kindhearted, learn from them.
Loveable, cherish them.
Magical, fly with them.
Noble, esteem them.
Open-minded, respect them.
Precious, value them.
Questioners, encourage them.
Resourceful, support them.
Spontaneous, enjoy them.
Talented, believe in them.
Unique, affirm them.
Vulnerable, protect them.
Whole, recognize them.
eXtra special, celebrate them.
Yearning, notice them.
Zany, laugh with them.

I look forward to working and learning with you all! Go, Lightning Hawks Go!
Have a safe and wonderful summer! See you in the fall!

Mary Martha Uttley-Shaw
Interim Principal, Huron Heights P.S.

UPDATED: Huron Heights Public School Website
Please check out our updated HHE website. You will find school calendars that include sooooo many things that are happening at our school!

2016/2017  School Year
If you think your child/children will not be attending HHE in September for any reason, please call the school at (519) 396-7035.  Also, if you know of any new families moving into the area with children that are HHE age appropriate, please contact us.  This information is very important to have for our staffing numbers.

Class Placements for 2016-2017
If you have information that would be helpful in the class placement of your child for next year, you are invited to write a letter providing information. We make every attempt to meet your student’s needs. Please deliver the letter to the office by Friday, May 27, 2016 at the latest. No information letters will be accepted after this date. Some of the criteria that teachers use in placing a child in a particular class include: academic ability, academic needs, learning styles, social and emotional development, separation of students, relationships between students, special needs, independence, and the balance of boys and girls.

Keep in mind that with ongoing staffing changes and the influx of enrolment, and special circumstances, there is always a possibility of students’ class placements and straight and split class determinations changing even after September is well underway. Please do not request a specific teacher or a straight or a split class as these requests will not be accommodated. Thanks in advance for your cooperation and assistance with this   

**Please check out the NEW updates to our school calendar and school news on this home page! You will see all the exciting things that are happening at Huron Heights! Enjoy! :)

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