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  • June 2015:
  • Dear Parents/ Guardians/ Students,
  • As we begin to organize for the 2015-2016 school year, there are many things to consider. It is critical that we have an accurate student count so that we can begin to designate grade and class placements.  If you are moving out of our area or if you know of someone moving into the Huron Heights area, please contact us.  Keep in mind that we have an excellent teaching staff at Huron Heights.  Therefore, any parental requests for specific class placements must be made in writing by June 12, 2015.  Parental requests must include specific educational reasons for the request and should be sent to the office.  Please be aware that these requests will be shared among staff members as we design the classes for next year.  When designing class placements, we work collaboratively in order to provide a balanced approach.  For example, we take into consideration the students strengths, the teacher’s style, the number of males and females, difficult social combinations, etc.  It is a complex process and one where we spend a great deal of time.  
  • Class placements will be available on September 8th, 2015.
  • The arrival of June generally kicks off a round of questions at home and within the school regarding next year.  Staffing and classroom organization discussions for next school year are well underway.   However, we would like you to know that changes can occur in our plans that may result in a re-organization during September.  For all students in Bluewater District School Board, placement in classes during the full month of September is considered tentative and is subject to change while the school’s final enrolment is determined.  Therefore, there is potential for your child to have a change in their classroom or teacher after school begins.  The changes will hopefully be completed by early October.
  • The placement of students is done with care and consideration of individual needs.  Thank you for your understanding and trust in our professional decisions with regard to the education of your children, our students.   It is greatly appreciated.

  • Liz MacPherson
  • Principal

  • “Go Lightning Hawks Go”

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